Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Keurig Ant Challenge

So we love our Keurig and coffee pots that hold water for a quick cup of hot coffee.
As pest control technician I have found they are a magnet for ghost ants. Most of the time the customer is totally unaware there are ants floating around in the reservoir.
Once I started tracking difficult ant infestations to the water being held in the reservoir we were able to eliminate these pests.
After placing bait near the coffee pot I give the ants time to choose the bait and start returning to the nest. Important steps to follow are to rinse out the coffee pot and relocate for a few days.
Once the ant s are eliminated the customer can keep the reservoir filled with water and continue to enjoy the convenience of the Keurig.
Cindy Reynolds
Certified Operator and Technician
Bugs On The Run LLC

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Tracking a pest invasion is Green!

Tracking ants then treating as close to the pest entry or nesting area will help keep your green goal on track.  It will take the pest control technician a little more time but the end result will be more successful for the customer and pest control company.
The other day I tracked a ghost ant infestation to a bagel that was laying behind boxes by the staircase. The invasion started in the tv remote that was located on a table and using a flashlight to see the ants easier I was able to track the ants  across the floor, baseboards, rug and finally there it was...a bagel swarming with ants.
Inspecting and searching for pests will result in using less chemical, solving the pest issue and keeping your lifestyle Green.
Cindy Reynolds
Bugs On The Run

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Pest Control Tips for Home Owners

The summer is ending and "Florida" Fall is in the air. We will see fewer general pests as the weather gets cooler and pests are a lot easier to manage.
The cooler air makes it easier for  homeowners to check on a few things to help eliminate pests.
Trimming shrubs, keeping plants and tree limbs  away from the house will be easier with the cooler weather. If you leave 2 -3 feet around the perimeter of your home it allows your pest control technician to treat the perimeter with easier access.
Sealing  up cracks with caulk ,replacing  the strips along the doors and garage will help
keep pests out of your home.

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Cindy Reynolds
Owner/Certified Operator
Bugs On The Run LLC
General Household Pest & Rodent Control

Friday, October 3, 2014


Even the tidiest home can end up with a roach problem. It's how quickly you respond that will make the difference between a one time sighting and a problem.

If you saw one cockroach  you  may see offspring  weeks or months later. The  female German Cockroach can carry up to 40 eggs and can produce 300-400 offspring in a life time. Roaches can create problems for children and adults with asthma and they carry bacteria.

Part of integrated pest management and "green lifestyle" is inspecting the property and looking for areas that are conducive to pests. Dampness, dark areas such as under cabinets make perfect conditions for roaches and other pests.

Don't disregard a sighting call  your pest control specialist and ask them to inspect your home.
at the first sighting.

Cindy Reynolds
Owner & Certified Operator
Bugs On The Run LLC

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My relationship ....with bugs!

As I was tracking a infestation of weevils in a customers home, she asked me if I always liked bugs
After answering," No not really", we laughed and I continued my search for the dry goods that brought these little creatures in her home.  Searching through the pantry with my flashlight we eventually found the cat food that started a nightmare infestation.
 As I drove home I thought about her question. Did I always like bugs? Interesting how life takes us on journeys we never expected.  It makes me think about how important teachers are in our lives.  Not only our childhood school teachers but the mentors in our lives.  The boss, coworker, piano teacher, softball coach that inspires us to strive towards a rewarding career. 
After some soul searching if I am ever asked that question again I would answer "No I didn't always like bugs, it was something that was developed later in life by someone that inspired me."

Thursday, October 10, 2013

I was researching green news this morning and stumbled across a lot of do it yourself pest control.
Some were harmless and kind of cute and funny for example; laying sliced cucumber around your house to hopefully ward off ants. Keeping a spray of soap to spray ants when you see them n your counter. The idea behind the soap is to get rid of the scent trail so ants do not follow.  Good idea but  is very short lived. Where are the ants coming from? What is creating the environment that is hosting the ants?  Taking a integrated pest management approach by inspecting, looking for areas that are conducive and receiving tips to correct the situation from a professional is a environmentally friendly approach.
If you call a professional pest control company they can track the pest and get to the source of the problem. Also if it turns into a more serious pest problem they have the resources and the knowledge to share to help make a more informed decision.
Remember there are different shades of green and each shade have a place and a purpose.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Newbee Greenie

Simple lifestyle changes  can make a difference. Example yesterday on my website  I wrote about my challenges using my own cloth bags for grocery shopping as a alternative to the stores plastic bags.  After collecting 4 cloth bags they would wind up in my kitchen and only used for planned trips to the grocery store, I decided to keep at least one bag in my truck for last minute errands.  After I empty the bag I immediately take it back out to my truck or lay it by my purse as a reminder. Keeping one in my truck for last minute errand shopping has been helpful and cuts back on the usage of plastic bags. 

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Thank you for joining me on my journey to a greener way of life.
Cindy Reynolds
Bugs On The Run Pest Control