Saturday, October 11, 2014

Pest Control Tips for Home Owners

The summer is ending and "Florida" Fall is in the air. We will see fewer general pests as the weather gets cooler and pests are a lot easier to manage.
The cooler air makes it easier for  homeowners to check on a few things to help eliminate pests.
Trimming shrubs, keeping plants and tree limbs  away from the house will be easier with the cooler weather. If you leave 2 -3 feet around the perimeter of your home it allows your pest control technician to treat the perimeter with easier access.
Sealing  up cracks with caulk ,replacing  the strips along the doors and garage will help
keep pests out of your home.

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Cindy Reynolds
Owner/Certified Operator
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  1. Thanks dear for sharing these Pest Control Tips. You know I have tried most of these methods to control pests but I couldn’t kill them completely. After that I hired the services of pest control and Termite inspection mid north coast and finally they solved all my problems related to pests.

  2. This is a great suggestion! It's easy enough to leave 2-3 feet around the home. I'll have to keep this in mind! Do you know how often the pest control man should come by? Thanks for sharing your ideas with us.

  3. Oh hey, that's good to know that the cooler air makes it easier for homeowners to check more on pests. It's something that sure got my attention after seeing how most my pests problems have occurred in certain dry areas of my home. It would seem like I might need to raise the temperature up or down in order to kick the pests out of my home.

  4. Cindy, the advice that you offered about sealing up the cracks is what got my attention. This is something that I should start doing on my home and sidewalks. The reason is because my wife saw a huge pile of ants gathered around the crack of our garage floor.

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