Friday, October 3, 2014


Even the tidiest home can end up with a roach problem. It's how quickly you respond that will make the difference between a one time sighting and a problem.

If you saw one cockroach  you  may see offspring  weeks or months later. The  female German Cockroach can carry up to 40 eggs and can produce 300-400 offspring in a life time. Roaches can create problems for children and adults with asthma and they carry bacteria.

Part of integrated pest management and "green lifestyle" is inspecting the property and looking for areas that are conducive to pests. Dampness, dark areas such as under cabinets make perfect conditions for roaches and other pests.

Don't disregard a sighting call  your pest control specialist and ask them to inspect your home.
at the first sighting.

Cindy Reynolds
Owner & Certified Operator
Bugs On The Run LLC


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