Thursday, October 10, 2013

I was researching green news this morning and stumbled across a lot of do it yourself pest control.
Some were harmless and kind of cute and funny for example; laying sliced cucumber around your house to hopefully ward off ants. Keeping a spray of soap to spray ants when you see them n your counter. The idea behind the soap is to get rid of the scent trail so ants do not follow.  Good idea but  is very short lived. Where are the ants coming from? What is creating the environment that is hosting the ants?  Taking a integrated pest management approach by inspecting, looking for areas that are conducive and receiving tips to correct the situation from a professional is a environmentally friendly approach.
If you call a professional pest control company they can track the pest and get to the source of the problem. Also if it turns into a more serious pest problem they have the resources and the knowledge to share to help make a more informed decision.
Remember there are different shades of green and each shade have a place and a purpose.

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