Monday, July 22, 2013

Rain and Pests

The has been a tough summer, Floridians have been not only fighting the humid weather but lot of rain.  The mix of humidity, rain & pests have made  outdoor summer fun, not so fun. 
If ants have made their way into your home take a look around the outside  Make sure shrubs & limbs DO NOT touch your home.  Taking time to  keep flowers, shrubs & palm branches from touching the structure of your home is time well spent. By doing this you decrease the chances of pest entry saving yourself the frustration of the ant invasion.  Also  make sure you do not have last winter wood pile close to your house it's a great place for ants to nest.
Hopefully we only have a few weeks of the rainy season left and we will be able to enjoy cookouts again without swallowing gnats with our burgers.
Have a great summer.
Cindy Reynolds
Bugs On The Run

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