Sunday, May 19, 2013

Different Shades of Green

When it comes to a green lifestyles  I have found my green lifestyle varies in shades. For some people especially if you are single it is a little easier to keep on track. One of my friends called me the other day frustrated about the lack of cooperation in regards to recycling and purchases her family makes
 When it comes to kids it makes it easier to start at a very young age.  If you are dealing with preteen and teenagers it can be a little more challenging.  Think about the things that get thrown away  old computers, video games, makeup, hair supplies, clothing and the toys that are left in the corner of the room and closets no longer to be used.  Your home can become a landfill before you know it.  Remind your children that when they throw something away that "away" is a place.  Being a role model and reflecting your shade of green to the family and having  household have to's (rules), will help you reach your personal green goal .  Even if the family stays a lighter green for a long time it's still a step in the right direction.
Lighter shades of green might only be recycling or stopping to think before you buy something. Growing into a medium shade of green might be noticing if the items you purchase including the food you eat and the packages that come in.  When you go into deeper shades of green you are thinking about energy, packaging, foods, purchases and the future of others. In the meantime my shades of green blend and overlap from time to time and so will yours but don't beat yourself up.  We're on the right path and taking steps towards a better future.
Cindy Reynolds
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