Monday, May 7, 2012

Gnats/Drain Fly/Drain moth

Have you ever seen what looks like tiny moths flying around your tub or shower drain?   They are drain flies that are a non biting gnat. They are usually a temporary problem created from standing water. If there is a  shower or bath tub not being used in your home running the water once a week for a few seconds should help.  If the problem persists for a few weeks then there might be a breeding ground. Drain fly larvae need moisture and can live any where water sits and accumlates for a week or more. The base of a toilet, drain pans, toilet tanks and floor drains.It is important to find and eliminate the breeding ground.  Breeding grounds can develop outside too in drain gutters,air conditioning units and low wet areas. If you have difficulty recognizing and eliminating the source call a pest control professional. 

drain fly


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  2. I can relate to this, I often see drain flies inside toilets and they usually cling unto walls.

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