Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Keurig Ant Challenge

So we love our Keurig and coffee pots that hold water for a quick cup of hot coffee.
As pest control technician I have found they are a magnet for ghost ants. Most of the time the customer is totally unaware there are ants floating around in the reservoir.
Once I started tracking difficult ant infestations to the water being held in the reservoir we were able to eliminate these pests.
After placing bait near the coffee pot I give the ants time to choose the bait and start returning to the nest. Important steps to follow are to rinse out the coffee pot and relocate for a few days.
Once the ant s are eliminated the customer can keep the reservoir filled with water and continue to enjoy the convenience of the Keurig.
Cindy Reynolds
Certified Operator and Technician
Bugs On The Run LLC

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Tracking a pest invasion is Green!

Tracking ants then treating as close to the pest entry or nesting area will help keep your green goal on track.  It will take the pest control technician a little more time but the end result will be more successful for the customer and pest control company.
The other day I tracked a ghost ant infestation to a bagel that was laying behind boxes by the staircase. The invasion started in the tv remote that was located on a table and using a flashlight to see the ants easier I was able to track the ants  across the floor, baseboards, rug and finally there it was...a bagel swarming with ants.
Inspecting and searching for pests will result in using less chemical, solving the pest issue and keeping your lifestyle Green.
Cindy Reynolds
Bugs On The Run